What is CubeBackup?

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CubeBackup for Google Workspace (G-Suite Backup)

CubeBackup is a self-hosted Google Workspace backup solution. It allows you to backup your Google Apps data, including Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Sites, with reliability, performance, and security.

When you work online, documents, emails, and data can get easily lost. Google Drive is a Google service that lets you store documents, spreadsheets, sheets, photos, videos, and anything else you want to keep in an online space.

Google Drive needs a backup

However, even if Google stores your data securely, it is not a 100% guarantee that data loss will not occur.

Google stores deleted data in the recycle bin for 30 days. After that, the data is lost. Should you now need to access older, deleted data, then you have a problem.

A missing backup can also become a danger for your company in the following cases:

  • an employee leaves the company and deletes important data
  • a ransomware attack on your company encrypts all data

CubeBackup for Google Workspace

With CubeBackup, you can choose whether to store your data locally or remotely. It keeps your data encrypted on your own hardware or your favorite S3-compatible online store (e. g. Amazon S3, Backblaze B2).

CubeBackup is available on Linux, Windows, and Docker.

Features of CubeBackup

  • Keep a version history of your business data
  • Automated backup of your Google Workspace every hour
  • Backups new users automatically
  • Available on Linux, Windows and Docker
  • Save local, on NAS or cloud storage
  • Encrypted backups

CubeBackup is a self-hostable backup

Self-hosted backup software has gained popularity over the last few years. Many people are switching to a self-hosted solution (or “self-hosted backup”) instead of relying on commercial cloud backup services.

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