Stadia now has a search bar and new features

After a very long wait, demanded by the community in large numbers, it is finally to be introduced in Stadia: the search function.

You might think Google knows something about search, so it should actually be a basic feature. But it has taken over a year for search to arrive at the game streaming service. One can only speculate about the reasons. Certainly, the rather limited offer at the start of Stadia was the reason for the late feature.

Stadia now has a search bar / search function
Google Stadia search bar

However, as the catalogue is constantly being expanded, it is now finally time for a search bar. From now on, you can search for games, add-ons and sets on the right-hand side of the screen.

In addition, the start page has been tidied up a bit. The “Media Library” now only shows the last four titles played. After clicking on View all, you get an overview of all games, which you can now sort by name, genre or last played. Furthermore, an activity feed is planned that shows games that have been played by friends recently.

For the time being, these innovations will only find their way into the Stadia web app. However, it is hoped that the features will also be added to the smartphone apps.

In the future, it will also be possible to delete several screenshots or clips at once. Hopefully, the time-consuming individual deletion in the apps will be over.

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